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Frequently Asked Questions about Dildos

Women yearning to achieve great sexual pleasure than they get from their partners can turn to sex toys. These toys allow them to explore and satisfy their most profound and kinkiest sexual desires without the risk of having intercourse with multiple partners. And for the icing to the cake, women can even enjoy an unusual squirting as they reach their orgasm when self-pleasuring, thanks to the advanced toys –the ejaculating dildos.

Since there are a variety of these toys, reading through a comprehensive review of the best dildos with ejaculating feature can help you choose the gadget that will take you to the seventh heaven. Here are some frequently asked questions about dildos to enlighten you on these remarkable gizmos of self-love.

What Are Dildos?

hand held dildoDildos are sex toys that may or may not have phallic shape and are for providing sexual stimulation to women, or even men during anal play. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. They also have varying textures and girth to meet different users’ needs. They are mainly intended for penetration while controlled by hand.


Are Dildos Safe?

These cocks for self-love are safe to use, given there has not been any evidence about their adverse effects on users or of being harmful. Besides, they are made of materials friendly to the human body to ensure they do not harm the adventurous users seeking real banging. But with the unimaginable pleasure that the dildos help their users to get, you may not be able to avoid to use them now and then.

How Are Dildos Different from Vibrators?

The main difference is that dildos do not vibrate while vibrators do. The latter are typically powered by batteries or electrical sources and can be either for internal use or external use. They can be small, for example, bullet vibrators or big. Conversely, dildos usually operate through the manual movement of the user’s hand, waist or body. They also typically do not come with electrical features such as vibration and pulsation, as is the case with vibrators.

How Are Dildos Enhanced?

enhnaced didoA dildo can be enhanced by having a sanction cup to allow hands-free use by fixing it on hard surfaces like in a bathtub or on tiles to use it as an erect dick. It can also be improved by being made to be compatible with a harness.

The harness allows a partner to wear it around their waist and use it for stimulating the other person through penetration as if it is a part of their body. Another enhancement is to design these cocks to have the ability to ejaculate artificial semen for the maximum pleasure of the user.

Since we have answered most of the frequently asked questions about dildos, you are now better placed to buy the best sex toy to offer you the pleasure of a tireless, erect penis bonking you. And you can even get one that can ejaculate to offer you the sensation of mutual climax, by squirting in you as you reach your orgasm.

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