Five Tips To Satisfy Your Partner In Bed

Let’s face it. A huge fraction of men fails to satisfy their partner’s sexual needs because of many issues like premature ejaculation among others. If you are querying how to make your partner satisfied in bed, then you are in the right place because this post will delve into useful tips that will help you meet your partner’s sexual needs in bed to make her have another reason to stick with you.

Focus on giving her pleasure

sexyMany men have sex to meet their demand which is okay. Men get sexual pleasure quickly compared to women. The male orgasm proves this theory. People experience an orgasm with an average of five to ten minutes while women take an average of twenty to thirty minutes. Avoid focusing on the pleasure that you are feeling and instead concentrate on giving your lover pleasure. This will show that you care about satisfying your partner.

Explore her body

Another way you can satisfy your partner in bed is by studying her body. A woman’s vagina and a man’s penis are not the only sensitive parts of the body. For example, you should start by kissing your partner if your intention is to get her involved in a steamy make out that will lead to sex in the end. Apart from feeling satisfied your partner needs to feel loved. And that is not all. A soft nib on the ears and neck can work wonders. Lastly, stimulate her breasts and nipples.

Do Kegels

The penis is a muscle, and just like the others, it needs to be exercised for optimal performance. If you have never tried out Kegel exercises, you should research about them and start doing them. They will help you naturally control your ejaculation so that you can satisfy your partner without much difficulty. With Kegels, gone is the era when you had to waste lots of cash buying sex enhancement pills.

Communicate with your partner


Conversation is the key to having better sex. If you feel uncomfortable that you can’t satisfy your partner currently, it is a grand idea to let her know about it. The communication will help you get rid of your anxieties so that you can rise to the occasion and satisfy your partner every time you get intimate. You may be having a mental problem and not a physiological. Be straightforward with her and let her understand how you feel. Apart from easing up the tension, communication will help your partner understand you better.

Visit a physician

In some cases, you will have to visit a doctor to figure out how to satisfy your partner in bed. If you have tried all the tips as mentioned above with little success, it’s an excellent idea to consult a physician regarding the problem.You may be having issues with what you eat or other problems that only a doctor can discover.